Burgess is the world's No 1 yacht broker

Published 16 February 2021

The Superyacht Buyer Report 2020 analysed yachts sold between 2015-19. In five sectors between 40m-90m+ Burgess ranked first in every single one


It's official - Burgess is the world's No. 1 yacht broker.

Most companies always tell you how great they are. We let others do the talking.

The Superyacht Buyer Report 2020, published by highly respected The Superyacht Group, looked at superyacht sales between the years 2015-19, broken down into different length categories. Having concluded our fifth sale of 2021 on Monday, the 68.8m explorer yacht OLIVIA, the results were very interesting.

40-50m 1st place - Burgess

50-60m 1st place - Burgess

60-70m 1st place - Burgess

70-90m 1st place - Burgess

90m+ 1st place - Burgess

It's very pleasing to have our sales performance recognised in this way. It justifies our belief that, across the industry, we are better at selling yachts than any other broker.

There are many reasons for our success. First is our unique structure: all our brokers are directly employed so we can share market and client information securely and globally across our 15 offices worldwide. When one succeeds, we all succeed.

Second is our state of the art database, a worldwide network of yachts, buyers, sellers and third party brokers. We know which clients are looking to buy or sell which yachts and these are valuable market insights.

Thirdly we have experts specialising in every sector, be that displacement yachts, sailing yachts, explorer yachts, sports yachts or large yachts. As well as a skilled brokerage team, we also have a huge pool of talent in new construction and yacht management, which means we understand maintenance, condition and commercial value.

Finally, we have our own in house marketing agency, skilled in creating eye catching sales collateral that we deliver to the right client at the right time on the right channel. That needs data. Data is the most powerful sales tool there is, and we have 45 years of it to call upon.

If you are thinking about selling your yacht, talk to Burgess: the world's No. 1 broker. Why would you choose anyone else?

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