A guide to choosing the right marina for your yacht.

Published 27 June 2023

Whether this is your first superyacht or not, the choice of which marina you use can have a huge impact on your trip.

Having taken the exciting step to acquire your dream superyacht, you will be eager to experience all the wonders that the yachting life can bring. But as well as the multiple fun aspects to yacht ownership, there are a few practical considerations too.  

Your planned programme for the yacht will have a major bearing on how she is operated, including whether you plan to use her year-round in different parts of the world or whether she will be based in a particular location for most of the year. These two options are often called ‘two-season’ or ‘one-season’, in reference to the amount of activity that she is likely to have over the course of the year. A one-season yacht will usually spend a lot of time in one marina, which might be referred to as her home port, especially during the quieter periods of the year when she might be used less by you and your guests.  

Find the perfect marina for your yacht
Find the perfect marina for your yacht 

There are a wide variety of factors to consider when considering a home port marina, and your experienced captain, broker and management company will be able to share their thoughts and advice on where could make the best choice for your individual situation.  

For example, will you be looking to buy a berth for your superyacht, or do you plan to rent somewhere in the long or short term? If you are acquiring the yacht on the brokerage market, does she have an existing berth arrangement with a marina that could be included as part of the deal? And are there any financial implications to your choice of marina, considering your yacht will be docked there for significant periods of time? Here is our introduction to some of the key factors to think about when choosing a marina for your superyacht. 

What do you need to consider when choosing a marina? 


Getting to the marina where your superyacht is based should be a smooth and straightforward process, otherwise it will quickly become exasperating. If you spend the majority of your time in the same country as your yacht, what will your typical journey to the yacht look like? Does the marina have a heliport onsite or nearby to allow quick access by air, or is it located near any motorways for when travelling by car?  

IYCA Port Vauban has an onsite helipad for a smooth arrival
IYCA Port Vauban has an onsite helipad for a smooth arrival

There is an increasing number of modern marinas being developed in the heart of cosmopolitan cities, which is fantastic for when you are staying on board and want to explore the local attractions. But it could be worth keeping in mind whether there are better home port options for your captain and crew when they are not in guest mode. And if you and your guests will typically be flying in to reach your yacht in her home port marina, then proximity to international airports – both commercial and private – might be a factor.  

Berthing options 

There is no obligation to purchase a home berth for your superyacht; if you would prefer simply to rent in the long or short term, this does bring with it a good degree of flexibility. But if you know that your superyacht is likely to be spending a lot of time in one marina, then a long-term lease will likely be more economical than renting. They can stretch anywhere from two years to over 50 years in duration and the cost is paid as a single, upfront lump sum that does not include annual maintenance costs and marina fees. There could also be broker fees, a transfer fee and taxes to consider, depending on your situation. 

For owners of larger superyachts, the number of berths available in hotspots like the Western Mediterranean is becoming increasingly limited as more yachts in this size category are delivered; it can therefore be reassuring to have a berth that is always available to you, no matter what. And when you are cruising elsewhere, you can offset costs through the rental income from your vacant berth.   


Have peace of mind knowing that your yacht is safe and protected
Have peace of mind knowing that your yacht is safe and protected

It might seem obvious, but a marina’s security is of paramount importance to your floating asset. Beyond the safety concerns of your crew and guests on board, a superyacht can be an attractive target for both professional and opportunistic thieves. The best security can often be found at marinas that have been specifically tailored to the needs of superyachts rather than those that have historically catered to a smaller local fleet of vessels and then adapted to meet the growing demand for larger berths. If the public is able to walk along the dock without restrictions, then your captain and crew will probably bear the responsibility of keeping unwanted visitors away. Marinas that offer 24/7 onsite security and CCTV as well as gated and coded access can bring welcome peace of mind. 

Maintenance opportunities 

When your yacht is not in guest mode, particularly during the ‘off season’, the captain and crew will likely take the opportunity to carry out maintenance jobs ranging from smaller items that they can do themselves to more complex upgrades that require contractors to be brought in. This is where your team will certainly feel the benefit of marinas that are tailor made to a superyacht’s needs. Marinas that have been developed with practicality in mind will often provide easy access to the dock for visiting contractor vehicles, as well as onsite storage for bulkier maintenance gear, and they might also offer the rental of a dockside container in which to carry out maintenance work or safely store equipment.  

Owner-and-guest-focused marinas, which are destinations in themselves, tend to be surrounded by upmarket restaurants and shops, while more practical home port marinas might have a range of service providers and chandleries to assist with the day-to-day running of a yacht and its maintenance needs. What is likely to dictate your home port marina preference is how much time you as an owner will be spending on the yacht; if you are visiting on a weekly or monthly basis, then enjoyment might trump practicality for maintenance, which can be adapted around your schedule. 

Facilities available 

Relax and enjoy the onsite facilities available
Relax and enjoy the onsite facilities available  

Many of today’s modern superyacht marina developments offer a variety of facilities for both owners and crew. From top tier restaurants, luxury boutiques and five-star hotels to crew gyms, cool cafes and swimming pools, there’s often something for everyone. Your priorities and preferences might be different to those of another superyacht owner, so if you are making the long-term commitment of taking a lease on a berth, be sure to have a frank discussion with your captain about where is going to be the most practical and accommodating marina for your yacht’s programme.  

Additional Costs 

If you have opted to take a home berth in a marina, there are several different additional costs to consider above the initial lease fee. Annual maintenance costs and other fees are likely to be payable to the marina, and there will also be incidental charges for electricity and water usage, any pumping out of tanks that might be required, and possibly internet charges if you are going to be using Wi-Fi or fibre optic broadband provided by the marina. To avoid unexpected surprises, be sure to ask for a full list of what is included and what is not included in the lease or fees that you are paying. 

Marina suggestions 

International Yacht Club d'Antibes

International Yacht Club d'Antibes is accessible by helicopter
International Yacht Club d'Antibes is accessible by helicopter

This marina lies at the heart of the Côte d’Azur, less than 10km from Nice, with its international airport. Its helipad makes connections easy so berths here are highly prized. The booking office is open 21/7/365, there is a 24-hour dedicated concierge service and the full suite of superyacht service. Onsite facilities include a bar, restaurant and roof terrace in the yacht club, and electric carts and bikes are available to get you around the marina. For the crew there is a lounge, gym and beauty salon. You also have the hotels, boutiques and cultural experiences of the Côte d’Azur on your doorstep. Burgess is delighted to present for sale 20-year leases for a selection of prime berths between 70-110m (230-360ft) in length. This guarantees use of the berth for the duration of the lease and access to world-class superyacht facilities. Please enquire to find out more.

Yalikavak Marina 

Step ashore at the Yalikava Marina
Step ashore at the Yalikava Marina 

As one of the most highly awarded marinas in Turkey, Yalikavak Marina is an attractive option in the heart of the popular cruising area of Bodrum, with an international airport a short distance away and a helipad onsite. In 2020 it was voted International Marina of the Year and it took home the award for World’s Best Superyacht Marina in both 2018 and 2019. With capacity for yachts up to 140m, Yalikavak Marina features a ‘Shopping Avenue’ with over 100 luxury boutiques and top restaurants available to visitors, as well as a choice between its luxurious beach hotel and quaint boutique hotel if you would like to spend the night ashore. 

Marina degli Aregai 

Enjoy incredible views from Marina degli Aregai
Enjoy incredible views from Marina degli Aregai 

Located in Italy’s stunning Riviera dei Fiori, Marina degli Aregai welcomes yachts up to 50m in length for a full-service experince. With a range of specialist yachting retailers and service providers onsite as well as a shipyard for maintenance work, bars, restaurants, a beach and yacht club, it is a practical and attractive option as a home port for superyachts in its size range. Take your bicycle out for a spin along the charming costal bike path that traces an old railway line, or head over to nearby San Remo for a little shopping.  

Port Fòrum Marina 

Get ready to start exploring at Port Forum Marina
Get ready to start exploring at Port Forum Marina 

Barcelona has been growing as a popular yachting destination, with its great international travel connections, buzzing culinary scene and ample cultural attractions. Port Fòrum Marina is just 15 minutes from downtown Barcelona and 20 minutes from the international airport. It caters to superyachts up to 80m in length at a dedicated floating dock, with access from the stern as well as alongside. Storerooms and sheds are available to superyachts, as well as a dry dock for storage and maintenance of tenders. A range of service providers are based at the marina to assist with superyachts’ needs, too. 

Find out more about Burgess’ unbeatable superyachts and luxury berths for sale    

Our knowledgeable team of Burgess brokers are well positioned to support and advise you on the superyachts and berths that are up for sale . Contact us today to learn more about choosing the right marina for your yacht.


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