Escape with Burgess and Cookson Adventures.

Published 16 July 2020

Burgess has teamed up with Cookson Adventures, the world's leading luxury adventure specialist, to offer you genuinely unique experiences in some of the planet's most extraordinary destinations.

A real wilderness adventure might be closer to home than you’d think. And, like most great escapes, they’re destinations best explored by yacht. You can set sail for quiet whale-filled bays or to black sand islands where volcanoes burst periodically into life. Together, Cookson's knowledge and Burgess' yachting expertise can reveal hidden pockets of wilderness, away from the crowds, wherever you are in the world. 

'There’s no remedy for the chaos of everyday life quite like sailing out into the Big Blue,' says Henry Cookson, founder of Cookson Adventures. 'I say to anyone who is hungry for a real getaway - one that takes them to idyllic islands with secret coves and hidden depths - to bring one crucial thing along: uncapped curiosity. 

 'Our team at Cookson Adventures has unrivalled knowledge of our planet’s furthest reaches. After you’ve chosen the ideal vessel with Burgess, we will handcraft an itinerary around the curiosities of each and every guest, so that two days needn’t ever be the same out at sea. It's time to rethink the possibilities of your annual break.'

Cookson Adventures video

Blissful isolation in Iceland

With an elegant yacht as your base, exploring Iceland’s rugged coastline can be done without a soul in sight. Cookson’s adventurers will lead you deep into its interior by helicopter, buggy or 4x4 while on the search for geysers, glaciers and waterfalls of mammoth proportions. 

While you’re there, follow their marine experts to search for pods of whales in one of the most reliable destinations to spot them in Northern Europe. Blue, minke, fin, sperm, orca and humpback whales roam in great numbers in these remote and seldom-sailed waters.

Northern lights


Epic natural wonders


Whale watch


Alaska, America’s wildest seascape

In the northernmost extremity of North America, Alaska’s sheer size and medley of landscapes are enough to arouse an instinct to explore. Adding a helicopter to your voyage means Cookson’s pilots can fly you to untamed wilderness, where you can hike up remote glaciers and climb peaks that very few people have ever seen, let alone scaled. 

Between August and September, the salmon run takes hold. Numbering in their millions, the salmon run offers not only a feast for your senses, but also plentiful food for bald eagles and some of the planet’s largest gatherings of brown bears. These majestic mammals snatch salmon from raging torrents and teach their cubs how to fish. With Cookson’s guides you can track, watch and interpret the behaviour of the bears as they patrol the rushing forest estuaries.

Extraordinary wildlife


Helicopter ride over glaciers


The salmon run


Svalbard, Europe's true wilderness

The allure of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is timeless. Plunge a submersible to its unknown depths or head out on snowmobiles across icy tundra that stretches as far as the eye can see. Together you can choose where to anchor, easily sailing to an inhabited island to sea kayak alongside a whale tracker or enjoy a champagne lunch in complete privacy, looking out to interrupted views of one of the planet’s most idyllic seascapes.

These ever-changing fjords are rarely sailed and the only crowd you’ll encounter is of raucous walruses. From chains of islands where polar bears outnumber humans to twisting fjords filled with pods of orca and humpback whales, here wildlife abounds.

Tracking polar bears


Endless exploration


An experience that cuts through


Begin your adventure

Immerse yourself in a wild world and experience pure escapism with Burgess and Cookson Adventures. Contact your Burgess broker to explore the possibilities.

Heliski pristine slopes


A room with a view


Explore by kayak

The Antarctic

Amazing natural encounters

On board explorer SURI

Ice cave through a glacier


South Sawyer glacier


Open air dining


Brown bears in the wild


Walrus at rest


Go further, reach deeper


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