Discover the Norwegian Fjords on board a superyacht

Published 31 July 2023

Experience the unmatched beauty of the Norwegian Fjords with your own private superyacht charter.

A luxury superyacht charter in Norway is akin to stepping into a real-life fairytale and setting sail for a world of adventure. Naturally carved over thousands of years by melting snow and ice, deep valleys flanked by soaring mountains create a dramatic, majestic environment. Pairing lush, green vegetation with icy sheets and snow-covered hills, the winding fjords are interlinked creating a non-stop charter itinerary.  

Why you should charter to Norway 

Discovering the Norwegian Fjords on an explorer yacht charter is like nothing else. The pastel-hued homes, Norse villages and vibrant coastal towns are dotted along the coast, scattered among ancient forests, cascading waterfalls, mighty glaciers and soaring peaks. Strikingly beautiful and virtually untouched, it’s a picture postcard that offers up great fishing, expert skiing and some of the best seafood in the world. 

Explore the beautiful sights of Stavanger's Old Town

When to visit Norway 

The best time to visit Norway is during July, the warmest month of the year when the legendary midnight sun never sets, though June and August will also deliver blissfully long, warm days. These anchor months are optimum for enjoying hiking, cycling and kayaking, as well as cruising through the fjords while basking on the sun deck. For the iridescent Northern Lights, September and March deliver long, dark nights ideal for spotting the dancing Aurora Borealis. 

Aurora Borealis can be seen best during the months of March and September

Where to visit in Norway 

The midnight sun is only visible very close to the Arctic. Norway’s Svalbard is an ideal cruising ground for those keen on experiencing it, as it’s also where it occurs for the longest period. That said, the North Cape, Bodo and the Lofoten Islands also offer heart-melting views. When it comes to the mighty fjords, however, Bergen is hard to beat, often referred to as the gateway of the fjords or the city of seven mountains. 

Discover the picturesque views of North Cape


The port town of Alesund is located at the foot of the Geirangerfjord. It’s famed for its art nouveau architecture, including the Alnes Lighthouse on the island of Godoya. Bright yellow and orange town houses emit the smell of freshly made Svele, a Norwegian version of the French crepe. Those keen on a view should climb to the Fjellstua Viewpoint, though be warned the ascent includes thousands of stairs and is not for the faint hearted. 

The smell of Svele floating in the Geirangerfjord air is sure to lure you ashore


Located in a valley at the end of the Tafjorden, Tafjord sits in easy proximity to the Reinheimen National Park, one of the largest untouched alpine areas in southern Norway. It’s also home to a 700m waterfall, as well as some of the greatest spots for fishing, swimming and white-water rafting adventures down the Valdolla river. 

Mardalsfossen Norway's famous 700m waterfall


The village of Hyen lies near the southern end of the Hyefjorden, a long 14km narrow, winding fjord found near the mouths of the rivers Åelva and Hopelva. It’s a favourite stop off on a charter itinerary for keen hikers looking to climb their way into the mountainous vegetation or mountain bike through rough cycle trails. Thanks to the verdant green landscape, it’s considered one of Norway’s most picturesque locations. 

Breath in the fresh crisp air as you cycle up Norway's mountains and take in the stunning landscapes

What can you do on a charter to Norway 

When enjoying a yacht charter in Norway, there is more than fjord sightseeing on offer. Though the Norwegian Fjords create ample kayaking and hiking opportunities, it’s not only the active guests who find their happy place. During spring, the many fruit trees are in bloom, a particularly arresting sight at Hardangerfjord. It’s also the best time of year for a wild swim, and when paired with the warming steam of a superyacht sauna, it’s a revitalising experience for all the senses.    

Take a refreshing swim in the blue waters of Hardangerfjord

Take a night cruise to Hyenfjorden and Songefjord 

Cruising overnight to Songefjord will take you through Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. It’s awarded a World Heritage Site for its rich alpine landscapes and sprawling skies, but by night the Norwegian skies come alive with the famed Northern Lights. Though unpredictable, when framed by Hyenfjorden, the experience is nothing short of magical. 

itness the breathtaking sunset as you cruise through Songefjord

Go paragliding over Aurlandsfjord 

One way to take a Norwegian yacht charter up a notch is to view the landscape from the air. Paragliding over Aurlandsfjord is an exhilarating way to enjoy an aerial perspective and still feel connected to nature. Aurland is a favourite take-off site, with a long runout ideal for amateurs and varying starting locations.  

Take your adventure to the next level and witness the landscape from a different perspective

Explore fjords via jet ski, tender or kayak 

Drop anchor and take stock. It’s what a yacht charter is all about. When you’re ready for action, exploring the fjord by kayak or paddleboard is serene and calming. Glide under waterfalls, explore the rural beauty and appreciate nature at its finest. When venturing further, jetski and tender are a rapid and convenient way to cover greater distances in style. 

Treat yourself to a relaxing paddle whilst you explore the all Norway Fjords has to offer

Take a guided tour of the Tunbergsdals Glacier 

Norway is famed for its glacier hiking tours, and Tunbergsdals is one of the best. Technically it’s an arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier and can require some serious ice climbing in certain conditions. Expert guides will lead you over the top and down into the ice caves. As the longest glacier arm in Norway, ascending Tunbergsdals is worth the effort.  

Challenge yourself to ice climbing

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