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Published 13 October 2020

Get away together

Our focus may be on staying safe, but that doesn’t have to mean staying home this holiday season. The perfect base for a family holiday, a superyacht provides peace of mind and a sense of seclusion that is much needed in the current travel environment. Burgess charter experts recommend the best yachts for family charters this winter season, along with their tips on how to make the most of your time aboard.

The family adventure starts here
The family adventure starts here

Space for everyone

With endless activities, impeccable service, tailor-made cuisine, and your very own itinerary, superyachts provide the perfect balance for ultra-private family time and space to be alone. Children can feel free to do their own thing, while parents are confident that youngsters are in a safe, controlled environment. For example, while you are on the aft deck chatting and sipping cocktails, your children can be lying in kids’ heaven in the onboard cinema with access to hundreds of movies.

The magic of the big screen
The magic of the big screen

Alternatively, while you are enjoying the latest blockbuster yourself, your youngsters can play on deck under the watchful eye of the crew, or even try some watersports. Evenings can be equally flexible, with adults socialising in the main lounge while the sky lounge is transformed into a kids’ zone, allowing the adults to linger, untroubled, over their gourmet dinner.

Crews love looking after children
Crews love looking after children

Family time

A yacht charter allows for plenty of valuable family ‘together’ time. Unlike a resort, where families may hardly see one another, a yacht means quality time together in a private environment. From lazy breakfasts, beach picnics and family barbecues, to time spent in the water enjoying the yacht’s water toys, every generation can be included when on a yacht charter.

There's no better place for families to be together
There's no better place for families to be together

Childish cruising grounds

Countless cruising areas can easily be adapted to excellent family charters, but those with the greatest appeal for winter include the Caribbean and the Bahamas. With endless islands to explore, fantastic watersports opportunities and welcoming locals, the various cruising grounds in these two areas all have their own distinct identity, allowing for a new vibe every day and ensuring that even the most surly of teenagers won’t be bored.

Cast yourselves away on your own desert island - with lunch
Cast yourselves away on your own desert island - with lunch

For those looking for short passages between anchorages located close together the British Virgin Islands are ideal for island hopping, while all the islands have plenty to offer in terms of activities and culture ashore, be it along a deserted beach or at one of the many family-friendly resorts. The best time to cruise the Caribbean is late December to early March, while the Bahamas has a welcoming climate year-round.

Explore ashore where there are adventures galore
Explore ashore where there are adventures galore

Garage load of watertoys

A superyacht’s toy box always adds a fun dimension to any yacht charter, but when it comes to family fun they really are a necessity. From paddle-boarding to water skiing, and windsurfing to water-trampolining, the water toys are a major attraction for most families. For some adults it is also the chance to embrace your inner-child as you fall about with the younger children on inflatables.

Unleash your inner child
Unleash your inner child

For those with older children in the family, a handful of yachts have their own dive centres with PADI-accredited dive instructors within the crew – just think of the memories you can make learning to dive and exploring a whole new underwater world together with your teenagers. And it’s not just the water toys that are popular with the older children. Most of the larger yachts have gyms, which can be popular with teenagers, while the audio-visual equipment is usually so state-of-the-art that even the techiest of teens is impressed.

Would this happen at home, or in a villa?
Would this happen at home, or in a villa?

From the latest game consoles to dedicated cinema rooms and a hyper-fast internet connection for streaming, most of the top-tier yachts are well-prepared and will have the latest equipment on board. That said, some families take the opportunity to switch off and ban gadgets – but the choice is always yours.

Crew essentials

A charter yacht with a reputation for an enthusiastic and engaging crew will always be the most popular with families. A dynamic and well-trained crew can transform a rainy day into a fun-fuelled adventure, entertaining the children with treasure hunts, arts and crafts, or even teaching them how to be a deck hand.

From sports to water fights to gaming and storytime, the crew makes the difference
From sports to water fights to gaming and storytime, the crew makes the difference

Keeping children busy and engaged is of course not the primary role of yacht crew who will also have other duties, and for those with younger children (age 13 and under) bringing a nanny on board is often advisable. However, as long as everyone is aware of where the responsibilities lie, most family-friendly crews will do their best to ensure that all guests are happy and if that means helping out with the younger children, then the crew will always step up where possible.

Recommended yachts

Burgess charter experts stress that although all charter yachts can accommodate families, some yachts are more family-friendly than others. This can be down to the aforementioned factors, including younger more dynamic crews and the equipment and toys carried on board, but the actual yacht itself can be just as important. Yachts with flexible accommodation layouts, for example, can make a difference when considering multi-generational family charters or when taking a nanny on board. Whatever your preference, the following are just a handful of yachts from the Burgess fleet available for a fabulous family-friendly yacht charter this winter.


Wet and wild

A locker full of watertoys

Soak in the sun

Sun deck

Feel the burn

Fully equipped gym

The 85.6m (280.9ft) AQUILA offers an abundance of deck space divided into sections to cater for different occasions, ensuring that your charter doesn’t end in family mutiny. All four decks aft offer plenty of space for al fresco dining, relaxing and socialising, including a dedicated party deck complete with DJ booth, AV system, smoke machine and light show.


Adrenaline thrills

Two custom tenders and plenty of toys

A little me-time

Main deck wellness centre

A post workout swim

Bridge deck aft

The 82.5m (279.6ft) charter yacht SECRET will keep the family entertained with her voluminous toy box and cinema. Though the accent is on childlike fun, adults will be equally pleased with her fantastic outdoor spaces and spa facilities.


The superyacht pool that changed all superyacht pools

The pool's bottom rises to become a dance floor

Toys aplenty in this distinctive hull

Three tenders, waverunners, jetskis, SeaBobs and more

Chill by the sea

Lower deck guest lobby

The 82m (269ft) ALFA NERO is a legend on the charter scene with daily life centred around the game-changing pool with a bottom that rises to become a dancefloor. Enjoy amazing views from the sun deck gym and jacuzzi, unwind in the sea level spa, let the chef dazzle you with gastronomic alchemy.


Eagle bow and three decks of glass - unique

Sunset in the Virgin Islands

Cinema with e-gaming

Main deck

Swim up bar

Main deck bar

The iconic profile of the 80m (262.5ft) EXCELLENCE is both head-turning and unmistakable. From two custom tenders by Hodgdon to a check-every-box list of watertoys in the approved RYA training centre, cinema, gym, spa, pool, jacuzzi, waterpark plus e-gaming and karaoke, she has everything a happy family needs.


Assault course races

Inflatable aquapark

Make yourself the world's best parent

Sun deck

The need for speed

All the toys

On board the 73m (239.5ft) TITANIA a complete water park can be deployed from the beach club to provide a safe splash zone, inflatable slide, trampoline and climbing frame for your kids to enjoy. The water-level swim platform also offers easy access to the vast inventory of tenders and water toys.

More family yachts


73.5m (241.2ft) 12 guests, prices from EUR 490,000 per week


70m (229.7ft) 12 guests, prices from USD 700,000 per week


65m (213.3ft) 12 guests, prices from USD 434,000 per week


62.5m (205.1ft) 12 guests, prices from USD 475,000 per week


62.3m (204.4ft) 12 guests, prices from EUR 378,000 per week


58.2m (190.9ft) 12 guests, prices from USD 294,000 per week


56.4m (185.1ft) 10-11 guests, prices from EUR 196,000 per week


49.8m (163.3ft) 12 guests, prices from USD 245,000 per week


45.7m (150ft) 11 guests, prices from USD 140,000 per week


43.9m (144ft) 11 guests, prices from USD 210,000 per week


42.6m (139.7ft) 10 guests, prices from USD 199,000 per week


38.1m (125ft) 10 guests, prices from USD 147,000 per week

To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter, please contact a Burgess broker. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London, Monaco, New York, Miami, Singapore or all other locations.

- Yachts, prices and availability are correct at the time of publication.


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