Luxury yacht holidays - best activities for families.

Published 06 April 2021

You might have heard about the marvellous trips your friends have had on their own yacht charters or taken inspiration from the glamorous photoshoots that present an ultra-chic and relaxing experience on board. But what kind of things are there for families to do together on a yacht holiday?

When it comes to keeping the whole family entertained on a charter yacht, there is always plenty to do both on board and in the water. Superyacht crew members are particularly skilled at providing endless activities for children as well as adults, and each yacht has its own unique combination of facilities and activities to keep you busy. Here are some suggestions of things that you might be able to enjoy on a family yacht charter.


Being in and on the water is of course a major part in any luxury yacht vacation, giving you an opportunity to try out new watersports or take in the magnificence of the natural world both above and below the surface.


Snorkelling is a popular pastime with guests on many charter yachts because it can be enjoyed by the whole family, with relatively little skill required. Whether you prefer to stay on the surface near the yacht to take in the seascape, or enjoy exploring coral heads and grottos by the shoreline, your yacht crew guides will be able to find the perfect spots to watch the local sea life.

An adventurous yacht like ATTITUDE is a great base for a snorkel safari, as she has a relatively shallow draft that can take you close to the best snorkelling spots, where you can dive straight off the swim platform to explore a nearby reef.


Inflatable waterslides are a really popular feature of many charter yachts today, as they offer a thrilling activity straight from the top deck of your yacht that children love. Waterslides are child friendly, safe and fun – and make fantastic footage for social media, if you are so inclined. Some yachts also feature inflatable climbing walls alongside the waterslides, for those with a head for heights.

TITANIA is one charter yacht that is popular with families thanks to her vast inventory of watertoys – and her 13m waterslide is always a firm favourite that guests come back to time and again for entertainment on board.


Kayaking provides a relaxing watersports experience in a peaceful, motor-free environment. Whether you are heading out for a short solo paddle or bringing everyone along for a half-day’s guided expedition, kayaking is a great workout as well as a chance to get closer to nature.

Yachts that are able to visit remote areas, like LATITUDE, can provide the most breath-taking kayaking experiences. Imagine peacefully gliding over kelp forests to watch sea otters care for their young, or getting up close to a pod of breeching whales as they migrate past your anchorage. In the right surroundings, kayaking can feel like you are stepping into your own private National Geographic documentary.

Scuba diving

There is no feeling on earth like the harmony of scuba diving in pristine waters teeming with sea life, and with a charter yacht you can gain access to the kinds of dive sites that are rarely visited by others. Whether you base your entire family vacation around scuba diving, or see it as an added bonus, there is a wealth of choice available when it comes to luxury yacht charters.

The spacious and luxurious catamaran HEMISPHERE has not one but two dive instructors on its crew, and is certified as a PADI dive training centre. Novices and divemasters alike can enjoy scuba-focused yacht charters on board, and the crew will be able to teach first timers the ropes so they leave with an open water qualification as well as treasured memories.


Fancy yourself as a fast operator on an obstacle course? Why not challenge the whole family to a race on board a giant, floating aquapark to see who should be crowned the champion of the seas? The crew will be sure to keep things fun while also safe by providing life jackets for everyone. The only thing you need to do is come up with a prize worthy of your victory.

The aquapark on board EXCELLENCE offers fun for all the family. Why not combine it with the stand up paddleboards, kayaks and other watersports gear to take the standard of competition up a notch?


Whether as an extension of your Aquapark or a standalone feature, a trampoline is a safe and amusing activity that will keep guests of all generations entertained for hours on end. Not only is it fun, trampolining is a great workout, too. Practice your aerial skills by flipping and leaping to your heart’s content while burning off a particularly indulgent lunch on board. 

Just because DREAM’s decor is elegant and upscale, doesn’t mean she is not a super-fun superyacht to charter. Included in her large array of watertoys is a water trampoline as well as a giant inflatable slide, an anti-jellyfish pool, surfboards and even a windsurfer, meaning you can go home with a new skill as well as amazing memories of your trip on board.

Games and sports

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to bring a family together on vacation, and with most charter yachts offering a wide selection of games and sports, the challenge is on!


With the crew happy to get stuck in with you, a game of beach football is always a fun way to spend a morning before you sit down to a freshly grilled beach BBQ on a secluded shoreline. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Lionel Messi, or are more of a Sunday league player, there’s no better way to bond with your family than in the shared glory of your team’s triumph.

When your charter yacht is as capacious as MOONLIGHT II, with up to 36 guests on board, you can afford to put on a full-sized football match with two 11-strong teams, five substitutes each and four officials. Young and old, get everyone involved and you will be sure to make some special family memories that stay with you long after your charter is over.


You would be forgiven for thinking that yachts and tennis courts are never seen together, but in fact a growing number of superyachts have been built with tennis facilities for their fanatical owners. And now as a guest, you too can enjoy brushing up on your serve while on board a select number of tennis-equipped superyachts.

Aside from her stunning glass-bottomed swimming pool, vast beach club and famously family-friendly crew, FAITH has a unique games deck that can be used for tennis, football, volleyball and basketball. She is a dream charter yacht for a sports-crazy family that has exceptionally high standards.


Hit the beach and get ready to perfect your serve, set and spike with a family friendly game of volleyball. Most superyachts have volleyball equipment available as part of their beach games set-up, and will be happy to sub in some of the sporty crew to lend a hand if you are short a player or two. Even if you have never played before, volleyball is a relatively easy game to get the hang of and it will be sure to offer endless family fun for a trip ashore during your yacht charter.

SECRET's convenient 8.5m beach landing tender offers the perfect ride ashore for all the family, even those with limited mobility, to enjoy a day in a secluded spot for volleyball, food and fun. And if you’re feeling particularly active, you can use one of the yacht’s many paddleboards and kayaks to get there under your own steam.


There’s no more exclusive a location to shoot some hoops than on the deck of a superyacht, and what a great way to bond during a family yacht charter. Whether you’re trying to even out a lifelong challenge with siblings, or wanting to start a new tradition with your children, a little basketball is a great way to pass a few hours on board.

With a flexible cabin layout, a large selection of wellness amenities and great entertainment facilities, JOY is a great option for a family friendly charter – and her foredeck basketball court is the icing on the cake. If you need to recruit some extra team players, her young and friendly crew are always happy to step in.

Indoor cinema

Many of today’s superyachts come equipped with cutting edge entertainment systems that would impress even the most avid of cinephiles. Whether you’re after superb surround sound, sumptuous seating or 3D technology, there’s a yacht out there to satisfy your desires. 

Visit nearby islands

Trips ashore are a big part of many family friendly yacht charters, and nowadays you are spoiled for choice on how to get there and what to do once you reach the land. From touring historical sites in the Mediterranean to trekking through virgin jungle in the Pacific, there’s an option to suit your needs.

SECRET's pair of luxurious custom tenders will transport you in total comfort and style, protected from the elements. Often found in superyacht tender garages, like CYNTHIA's, scooters and bicycles offer a great way to independently tour a coastline by road. But if you plan on venturing to more remote locations, a fantastic and fun way to explore with the family is by SUV. A number of yachts come equipped with their own vehicles for land exploration. The rugged RAGNAR has a five seat, all terrain amphibious vehicle for swamp and dune bashing (not to mention four snowmobiles for touring in colder climates).




Book your yacht charter holiday today and make precious family memories this year.

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