Visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands on board a yacht charter

Published 06 March 2024

Low-slung islands kissed by turquoise waters, golden sandbars spiralling out from the shore, abundant wildlife sightings, and all the watersport adventures... A yacht charter to the Turks and Caicos Islands offers all of this and more. 

Talk to Burgess Charter about this winning alternative to the well-trodden cruising grounds of The Bahamas. The Turks and Caicos are an ideal choice for those who have enjoyed a Bahamas yacht charter, and are looking for something different. 

Why visit Turks and Caicos during a Bahamas yacht charter?  

Set between the southernmost Bahamian Islands and the Caribbean, the islands are easy to reach, and yet a world away from the ordinary. The unspoiled islands of the Turks and Caicos have an appealing mix of secluded beaches, vibrant reefs, and peaceful anchorages. When it’s time for a dose of luxury beyond your charter yacht, venture ashore for high-end shopping, gourmet cuisine and waterfront golf courses.

Explore beyond The Bahamas with Burgess 
Explore beyond The Bahamas with Burgess 

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Whether it’s snorkeling over the third-largest reef in the world, enjoying a sandbar picnic arranged by your crew, or learning about the islands’ culture and history — a charter in the Turks and Caicos gives you a chance to make lasting memories with your friends and loved ones. Experience peace and quiet by tucking away in anchorages that you’ll have all to yourself, and make the charter as relaxed or active as you like.  

A tranquil sandbar picnic, just for you
A tranquil sandbar picnic, just for you

Which are the best beaches? Grace Bay Beach and Little Water Cay  

On the northern shore of the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, the three-mile ivory-sand stretch that is Grace Bay Beach often ranks among the best beaches in the world for good reason. The barrier reef that lies just offshore protects the beach from seaweed and waves alike, making for pristine sand and calm waters ideal for swimmers of all ages. 

Meanwhile, a smattering of luxury hotels, inviting restaurants and laidback beach clubs are tucked into the sand dunes. Nature lovers can take the yacht’s tender and head ashore at Little Water Cay, a petite island just a stone’s throw from Providenciales’ leeward side. This uninhabited sanctuary not only has some beautiful beaches framed by rocky outcrops and verdant scrub, but you can see endangered rock iguanas in their natural habitat.  

Turks and Caicos has something for everyone - on land and in the water 
Turks and Caicos has something for everyone - on land and in the water 

Other favourite beaches in the Turks and Caicos include remote spots such as North Bay on Salt Cay, where you might be lucky enough to see humpback whales meandering by from January to April, Malcolm’s Road Beach, home to the ultra-luxe Amanyara hotel, and Taylor Bay, where winds create undulating shapes in the sand at low tide. 

Kiteboarders will want to wing over to Long Bay in Providenciales — known for its consistent winds, Long Bay is the opposite to the calm waters of Grace Bay. Finally, head to Half Moon Bay, where a wide sandbar bridges the gap between Water Cay and Little Water cay — it’s the ideal spot for a sundowner on a picture-perfect sandbar.  

Where to go for wildlife? Discover Chalk Sound National Park

Take to a kayak or paddleboard and make your way through the hundreds of rocky islands strewn in the shallow crystalline waters of Chalk Sound National Park. Thanks to its protected national park status, motorised craft aren’t allowed here, meaning you will paddle in undisturbed peace as you take in the local flora and fauna. Ashore, you might see rock iguanas feasting on purple prickly pear fruit or digging burrows in the sand. In the water, a stingray or lemon shark might swim under your kayak.  

Get up close to the islands' wildlife 
Get up close to the islands' wildlife 

After basking in the nature of Chalk Sound, return to your yacht moored in the nearby Sapodilla Bay. Sapodilla Bay is a popular anchorage among yachts. Yet in the Turks and Caicos, even a popular anchorage will be quieter than one in The Bahamas. Dine al fresco on board your yacht after a morning of exploration, taking in the views of Sapodilla Bay’s cream-coloured shores touching the calm, clear water.  

To dive into local culture... Visit the Turks and Caicos National Museum

On the island of Grand Turk, delve into history at the Turks and Caicos National Museum. Step back in time by exploring the historic Guinep House, which is home to the museum. Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon set foot on Grand Turk on his way to Florida. Learn about the Lucayans — the first settlers of the Turks and Caicos. From a once-thriving salt industry to slaver shipwrecks and naval bases to spaceship landings — US astronaut John Glenn splashed down here after being the first man to go into orbit — this little island chain is surprisingly rich in history.  

Adventure ashore and explore the landmarks Turks and Caicos have to offer 
Adventure ashore and explore the landmarks Turks and Caicos have to offer 

Of course, enjoy the watertoys!

The Turks and Caicos many protected anchorages and long, meandering beaches gives your yacht’s crew plenty of places to launch the watertoys or set up a beach barbecue. Paddle, sail or swim in postcard-worthy bays or dive and snorkel along vibrant reefs. Or simply descend down the yacht’s waterslide, splashing into water so clear you can see straight to the bottom. 

Who knows what you might see in the Caribbean waters!
Who knows what you might see in the Caribbean waters!

Adventurous spirits will want to make time to explore the caves and blue holes that abound on shore in the Turks and Caicos. The Conch Bar Caves on the island of Middle Caicos is the largest dry-cave system found in both the Turks and Caicos and The Bahamas. Your captain can book you in with an expert guide to show you through the massive caverns. It’s a living cave, meaning its mighty stalagmites and stalactites are still forming amongst the carved limestone. 

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