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There's no place like home.

Travelling light, familiar faces, finding the right light switch, working the AV kit, having your Negroni mixed just right… It’s only the little details, but we know that they matter to you.

Your own cutlery, crockery, glassware, IT, curtains, carpets, bed linen... wouldn’t it be great if you could go yachting and stay at home?

Think about it

Burgess Yachts

It's more personal

You have a trusted crew that knows and understands you: how you like your eggs, your children’s favourite bedtime stories, which calls you want to take.

It's more familiar

Install IT systems that are as capable and easy to use as those you have in your offices around the world. Even here, you’ll have important decisions to make.

Imagine it

Burgess Yachts

It's more flexible

Explore wherever you want, for a day, a week, a month, as long as you want. Just pick up your passports and go, everything you need is already on board.

It's more 'you'

Your own interior design means you arrive at a genuine home-from-home: your own style, artworks, chef, cellar, gym – everything you know and love. You’re home.

Consider it

Burgess Yachts

We understand better than anyone that buying a yacht is an emotional decision as well as a financial one – yacht ownership is not for everyone. We've been doing this since 1975, and all that experience is at your disposal. We can offer impartial advice on everything from future economic predictions within the industry to financial forecasting on marina and running costs. One of the many things that sets us apart is our 360-degree transparent service. We will help you to reach a decision that is right for you, and only for you.

Find it

Burgess Yachts

Burgess brokers know the industry. We travel worldwide inspecting yachts and visiting yards. We can offer you deep insight into today’s market. Our Charter team communicates with our Brokerage team so we already understand why you go yachting. This means we can put intelligent selections in front of you from the start.

Entrust it

Burgess Yachts

Burgess is a full-service agency. From finding your yacht and managing the buying process, to arranging the crew, insurance, maintenance and accounts, we can take care of everything. You have as much or as little involvement as you want. Burgess has built trusted relationships with contractors around the world. We guarantee industry-leading service and excellent value.

Work it

Burgess Yachts

If you decide to buy a yacht, you can make it work for you. Offering your yacht for charter rewards you with a revenue stream and helps raise your yacht’s profile, which may have a positive impact on its resale value. Our in-house Charter Management team can handle all the logistics, so your yacht will always be maintained to a high standard, and the crew will be kept focused and motivated while improving their skills, ready for your next visit.

Why Burgess?

Burgess Yachts

'Burgess excels in every category of service they provide including chartering, operational management and brokerage. Without reservation I am pleased to give Burgess my strongest recommendation. I am confident that any owner of a substantial yacht would be exceptionally pleased with the total performance of the Burgess team.'

Leading European maritime lawyer

'They communicate on a regular basis and are always available when there are problems and it makes the yachting experience a thousand times better when you know that the issues will be communicated and worked on by honest, competent and fun-to-deal-with people. I would recommend them to anybody.'

Yacht owner - (62m / 203ft)

Go yachting and stay at home

If you would like us to send you a selection of yachts for sale that match your criteria, please get in touch and let Burgess take you home.

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