Yindi Chen | 陈茵棣
Digital Marketing Executive - Web & Email | 数据市场营销
  • Languages English, Chinese
  • Location London

Yindi joined Burgess in June 2018 as Digital Marketing Executive responsible for the Burgess website and email campaigns. Prior to Burgess, she was Ecommerce Manager for UK & Ireland tour operator Let's Travel based in London. Before moving to the UK in 2010, she worked as an Associate Producer for American child TV brand Nick Jr. in New York, covering website development, content production, and online marketing in the areas of SEO and email.

Speaking fluent English and Mandarin, she holds a Master’s degree in Multimedia Design, a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, both from the US, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from China. She is into outdoor adventures and activities, and enjoys trekking trips in the UK and abroad. 

陈茵棣于2018年6月以数据市场营销执行的身份加入Burgess,负责Burgess网站运营和电邮营销。在这之前,她曾担任伦敦一家英爱旅游公司的电子商务经理,以及美国纽约知名儿童频道“尼克少儿”(Nick Jr.)的网站副制作人,工作内容覆盖网站制作以及搜索引擎优化,付费搜索,推广电邮等线上营销渠道。她会中英文双语,在美国取得媒体艺术的硕士学位和新闻摄影的本科学位,并在中国取得经济学本科学位。业余时间,她喜欢户外运动和徒步旅行,足迹遍布英国内外。

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