Why choose Burgess?

Because you want to enjoy yachting more. 

Charter, sale and purchase, build, refit, procurement – indeed
any aspect of owning and running a yacht, we can make it work better for you.

Every day, we talk to charterers, owners and captains who don’t choose Burgess,
and we know that things don’t always run as smoothly as they should. 

With Burgess, they do.
We’re here to make yachting easier and more enjoyable, the way it should be. 


So why choose Burgess?

Because of our 360-degree full-service offering

Our in-house expertise means that, if it involves yachting, we’re all you need to know.
• 37% of clients choose two or more Burgess services
• 83 yachts are insured by Burgess
• 2,000 crew are managed by Burgess
• 122 yachts are operationally managed by Burgess
• 52 new builds, many of which won awards, have been project managed by Burgess
• Burgess’ buying power means we can save you time and money on procurement

‘The expertise within Burgess has allowed me to reduce my costs and enhance my yacht ownership experience.’
- Yacht owner

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Because of our Brokerage structure

Our unique broker full-employment model means we work together as one team to sell your yacht. That makes us a powerful sales tool for you.
• 32 brokers worldwide working for you, not just one
• 300% more in value of yachts sold than the next best every year 

‘Faced with overwhelming challenges, you brought buyer and seller to the closing table. This transaction would have failed in the hands of most seasoned professionals.’
Leading US maritime attorney

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Because of our unique business model

Burgess is a privately owned company that employs all its own staff. That means we’re one interconnected, multi-disciplinary team with instant, in-house access to knowledge and expertise in every area of yachting.

We always work together as a team to make sure you have the best possible yachting experience. That’s the way we’ve been doing business for almost 50 years and no other yachting company does it that way.

‘Burgess would be the first firm I’d recommend to anyone looking for assistance with any aspect of yachting.’
Yacht owner

Because we always create extraordinary experiences

We want you and your family to enjoy every second of your time on board, to create the most unforgettable experiences and memories, safe in the knowledge that we're taking care of everything for you. 

• 800+ charters planned every year
• Brokers who have shaped the industry
• Culturally diverse experts around the world
• Unmatched repeat and referral clientele
• First-hand experience for first-class advice
• A unique team structure and spirit

‘I have extended our vacation to four weeks. Burgess played a big part in that because they have not only met all of our expectations, they have always overdelivered.’
- Yacht charter client

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Because of our culture

We focus on the client experience because relationships matter. Some clients have been with us for over 30 years.
• 78% or our business is repeat
• 62% of our new business is referral. Please tell a friend!

‘I believe Burgess looks at its clients as being long-terms partners in the business, rather than just another transaction, which is why you are successful. It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with you over the past 19 years.’
- Yacht owner who chooses Burgess for:

• New Build
• Yacht Management
• Charter Management
• Crew Services

Because of our Charter Management ethos

Owners who choose Burgess to operate their yacht commercially get more attention from their charter manager. That means we can help you achieve your commercial targets.
• 3.6 yachts per charter team member, the industry’s lowest
• 105 yachts managed for charter, the industry’s highest

‘Burgess delivers significantly higher charter income for us and works perfectly to manage the charter schedule in line with our own use of the yacht.’
- Yacht owner

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Because we put people and planet first

We are committed to using our business as a force for good. These are our 2024 priorities:
• A new environmental standard for global fleet operations
An ambitious, experienced team of in-house experts is leading the field by developing a new operational standard for environmental best practice
• Funding marine conservation and regeneration
Supporting local Greek Island communities to protect their seagrass meadows, restore marine health and deliver a nature-positive model of sustainable fishing. This could become a blueprint for Mediterranean conservation
• Increasing opportunity, diversity, equality and inclusion
We are working to give young people in Europe and the Americas a chance to get afloat and take their first steps towards a career in the yachting industry
• Reducing plastic pollution
Galvanizing community action and changing habits. The second Burgess Global Clean-Up, run over one week, more than doubled last year's impact.
20 countries - 646 people - 65 locations - 664 bags filled
'There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.'
- Margaret Wheatley, 2002

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