23 octobre 2017


Exhibiting at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the 55m motor Yacht QUINTA ESSENTIA will be stepping back in history to showcase The Renaissance Period.

This 2016-built yacht was designed to fuse beauty with forward thinking technology. Her eco-conscious technical prowess blends harmoniously with her exterior good looks and Renaissance-inspired interior.

What was produced is an outstanding all-aluminium hybrid that offers eco credentials and fuel efficiency, while adhering to design principles from an era that pioneered new thinking.

Michela Reverberi, the Rome-based interior designer responsible for bringing to life the movement weaved subtle design nods hailing from the famous Tuscan city of Florence, where arguably the Renaissance period was most prevalent.

Looking closer into her design it is clear to see Reverberi utilised the freedom of soft lines, symmetry and light to recreate a look that would work in modern society. Looking up in the main saloon, you will notice a perfectly symmetrical design that depicts this movement; the waffle-effect continues through into the master suite too. Neutral colours and use of light was a pivotal aspect of the Renaissance era, in the 1400s the world was just emerging from the dark ages and the Medieval period which was characterised by darkness. Michela has used this to full advantage and created an extremely light and airy interior. Shapes were important too. Architects from this period believed that ancient mathematicians created circles with geometric perfection. Architects utilised this idea of perfection to represent God when designing churches, moving away from the traditional cross structure. Here, Reverberi has recreated the circle design on the ceiling in the upper saloon, mirrored in the carpet below and coffee table. This area also has a motif embossed onto the back of the chairs. Depicting immortality and resurrection, Michela has added the peacock.

It is clear as you wander around this impressive piece of architecture that QUINTA ESSENTIA embodies the movement of forward thinking, light and perfection. Reverberi has ensured that she kept all design aspects as subtle as possible ensuring this yacht is timeless in her appearance. Resulting in an interior that offers an aura of tranquillity and repose. Somewhere that encourages social interaction.

QUINTA ESSENTIA will be exhibited at the 2017 Fort Lauderdale Yacht Show where she will be putting on an audio-visual showing of CARRIERES DE LUMIERE. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael. Giants of the Renaissance will be played daily on her TV screens. For those interested in taking an art tour of this stunning yacht, please speak to your broker.

WHERE: Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
WHEN: NOVEMBER 1 – 5, 2017

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