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Aidy Smith's spring wine picks - rosé

In a world where rosé has become so fashionable, it can be quite difficult to find the good stuff. For me, it’s all about texture alongside those fresh red fruits that just erupt from the glass.

When I say texture, I’m referring to how the wine wraps itself around your tongue offering pure uninterrupted flavour as its story unfolds. When you get that, you know you’ve struck gold. Here are three that do just that!

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Burgess Yachts

Average Price €15
A light and elegant pink hue in the glass, shimmering as it catches the light. The nose showcases a vibrant burst of fresh strawberries and peaches alongside a kiss of ripe tropical fruits that jump from the glass from the moment its poured. The palate is bursting with flavour; a combination of sweet apples and pears with fresh, juicy nectarines and apricots. Vibrant, refreshing and incredibly ripe – another glowing vintage for Mirabeau Pure.



Burgess Yachts

Average Price €32
Never a dull moment with any of the Ott labels. Ripe, textured fruit and mouthfeel as strawberry, fresh raspberry and apricots wrap around your tongue. There’s a weight that comes alongside it, adding to a satisfying complexity. Another rosé that ticks all of the boxes, which is why it’s one of my favourites!



Burgess Yachts

Average Price €18
A beautifully refreshing wine that is bursting with fresh strawberries and ripe honeydew melon. Upon tasting there's a lovely floral element that brings forth a slight acidity alongside an assortment of ripened stone fruits. There's a unique lemon-rind finish that leaves a lingering finish. This is the first commercial wine from Lalomba with 20,000 bottles only produced. Fantastic bottle too!


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