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Virtual yacht tours.

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Burgess was ahead of the curve and, as ever, leading the industry when we started exploring virtual 360 yacht tours in 2017, to give our clients a more enjoyable, engaging digital experience. You can walk the decks without taking a step on dozens of yachts for sale, at your leisure or with an expert broker leading the tour, sharing their knowledge and fielding your questions.


Whether on-screen or using a VR headset for the fully immersive experience, these tours enable you to navigate your way through every guest space on every deck, inside and out. This means you can appreciate the spaces for yourself, how they flow together, the interior design, what facilities there are, what features you might want to add and where you could add them, and how well the yacht has been looked after.


While you are free to tour the yacht on your own, we strongly recommend a broker-led tour. The broker knows the yacht inside and out as they have been on board and have access to our global yacht database. The broker knows the provenance and maintenance history, they know the captains and their operational knowledge of the yacht, the time and cost involved in refitting, upgrading or refurbishing the yacht - a huge number of insights relating to potential ownership. These are just some of the advantages of a broker-led tour.

Burgess Yachts

Burgess Yachts

Our digital tours are just one of the reasons why Burgess is the world's No.1 yacht broker. Owners who want to sell come to Burgess because our knowledge of the yachts and ability to market them creatively in so many ways helps them achieve the best possible outcome. It's what we do.


To arrange your broker-led 360 virtual tour of one of our yachts for sale, please contact a broker via the usual channels. If you would like a virtual tour of a yacht that has yet to be shot, do please let us know and we can either arrange for a shoot or organise a live virtual walk-through tour with the captain and broker.

In the meantime, please feel free to explore our 360 yacht tours.

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