Join Anthony Huck on board ARIA in the Amazon

Published 28 February 2020

We made this visit because we want to promote new experiences. Our clients are increasingly interested in adventurous experiences in remote locations and there are new opportunities emerging all the time, like Antarctica, Galapagos and Papua New Guinea. 

The Amazon is a fascinating destination and somewhere totally wild, but before we can recommend trips like these to our clients, we need to know what to expect from a yacht like this, with local crew and guides that may not reach the standards Burgess clients expect.

The broker

Anthony Huck, seen here meeting one of the laid-back locals, is a Burgess charter broker based in Monaco. He has a Master's degree in Business Management and has been involved with superyachts for 10 years.

The yacht

ARIA AMAZON welcomes 32 guests in 16 well-appointed cabins, all equally sized with great levels of comfort considering the challenging conditions of the Amazon.

We joined at Iquitos, which is the biggest city in the world that can only be reached by air or sea so it’s pretty challenging to find high-quality materials, furniture or experienced craftsman when needed. That being the case, the quality of the yacht is incredible.

Tree-top luxury

All have amazing views through full-height picture windows, so you feel really connected to nature.

There is a large jacuzzi with lounge chairs on the upper deck aft, a spacious and comfortable lounge with bar for expert wildlife briefings, board games, or simply socialising. The upper deck also has a massage room with on board masseuse and a small gym with a treadmill and an exercise bike.

The itinerary

There are three, four and seven-night experiences. The itinerary is ever-changing due to the season (wet November to May and dry June to October) and the weather, which is dominated by microclimates.

You’re likely to embark in Iquitos or Nauta in North Peru, navigate Westward around the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and explore using powerful skiffs as tenders.

With two million hectares, it is the biggest National Reserve in Peru, also it is the largest protected flooded forest of the world and one of the richest places in biological wealth on the planet.

Fishing for piranha

The day starts with an optional trip at 06:00, a mid-morning excursion, another in the afternoon and sometimes a night trip for some stellar stargazing. We went piranha fishing, jungle walking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming on the black water, cycling and visiting a remote Amazonian fishing village. These excursions were so fascinating thanks to the passion and the knowledge of the guides.

The wild side

The wildlife is incredible. We saw monkeys, pink and grey river dolphins, sloth, black caiman, Amazonian manatee, anaconda, turtle and hundreds of bird species like heron, egret, toucan, vulture, owl and parrot.

Top-10 chef

Peruvian cuisine is among the best in the world and Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s top-ten chefs, creates sensational menus. When not picnicking on an excursion, breakfast and lunch are buffets while dinner is family style. The chef also gave us an entertaining cooking class, teaching us how to prepare Peruvian ceviche.

The crew

ARIA AMAZON has a total of 27 crew, all local so they know the area and are specialists in their respective activities. They are more like a family than a team, which makes for a wonderful experience on board. In addition to the more traditional crew positions, there are four experienced and very knowledgeable naturalist guides, four skilled skiffs drivers, the very professional cruise director, two paramedics and five policemen to ensure your comfort and safety.


LOA:  45m (147.7ft)
GUESTS: 32 in 16 cabins
STANDARD RATE (3 / 4 / 7 nights): USD 119,000 / 159,000 / 278,000

The yacht, guides and crew are sensitive to problems like pollution, poverty, endangered species, environmental protection and so on and support many local initiatives, like the Manatee Rescue Centre in Iquitos, which we visited. You are given your own aluminium water bottle to limit plastic use and the Amazonian villages visited are rotated to avoid dependence on tourism and to limit the impact on their lifestyles. This really is a ‘feel-good, do-good’ charter on a yacht tailor-made for this experience with a crew that can't do enough for you. It's totally unforgettable.

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