2 October 2017

That’s a wrap…
Day 4 Burgess at the Monaco Yacht Show

As the final day of the Monaco Yacht Show draws to close, it is time to reflect on what has been a fantastic show for all concerned.

With 125 superyachts on display, an impressive all-industry turn out and glorious Mediterranean weather, it is fair to say, the show was a success. Burgess topped the yacht line up bringing JUBILEE. Sitting on the far side of the marina, her imposing exterior stood out from the crowd and quickly became the most talked about yacht of the show. This buzz wasn’t only about her size and status, up close, those who managed to get an appointment to board were suitably wowed by her detailed profile and interior. It was evident the amount of thought that had gone into producing a yacht of this calibre. A design that was originally thought of as a dream, became reality and with it, rules have been rewritten for the industry.

Welcoming many high-profile guests, including Prince Albert II of Monaco, JUBILEE has set new standards in an ever-evolving industry. Although the dock talk was predominantly the new yachts on display, a key point also mentioned was the heightened level of social media activity.

The 2017 MYS was always going to be a key show but no one could have predicted that the millennial technology craze would reach the industry so quickly and aggressively. This year, the number of social media influencers blogging, posting and tweeting has grown significantly. Drones were flown capturing a bird’s eye view, videographers walked the docks and photographers froze moments in time to share with the wider world. Twitter was abuzz with yacht talk, while Instagram feeds filled with supersized yachts.

The clock struck 630 and the yacht’s horns rang out officially closing the 2017 show. A huge thank you from all at Burgess and we look forward to seeing you dockside in 2018.

Until then…

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