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EUR 175 000
2010, Sanlorenzo, Italy
44м (144,3фт)
10 в 5 каютах


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For cruising the Croatian coast with family and friends, LAMMOUCHE is the savvy charter choice. Recently refreshed with a modern luxury décor in 2020 and 2021, she is in pristine condition, and offers five cabins for a party of 10, plus large lounges, sweeping teak decks and a beach club with gym equipment.

Each morning guests will wake rested in the private master cabin on the main deck – and already excited for the day ahead. The Dalmatian Coast is the jet set's favourite playground for good reason, offering fortified towns with cosmopolitan cafés and legendary night life, islands with quiet coves, and tiny villages with pretty harbours.

Time to join the party on the top deck where a large table sits beneath a shading hardtop, and the breeze lifts off the glinting Adriatic Sea as guests enjoy an al fresco breakfast. LAMMOUCHE knows how to look after her guests, and chef has been baking fresh pastries, served with fresh fruits and thyme-scented local honey.

Sailing past ancient olive groves and walled cities steeped in history, guests follow the traditional trade routes. Byzantine palaces rub shoulders with Roman ruins so a trip ashore is a must. The crew take all the guests harbourside in the comfort of the 37ft chase boat. Busy markets and stylish boutiques beckon you in before sightseeing.

Once back aboard LAMMOUCHE, lunch is set out in the cool, relaxed sky lounge. After lunch the little ones are keen to try the watertoys, while others have their mind on a sun lounger by the jacuzzi.

When underway, the yacht’s stabilisers ensure comfort, so everyone arrives refreshed and ready to dive into the bright waters. The beach club is open and the SeaBobs are ready , or take a paddleboard to the shallows. On the sun deck, some guests can appreciate being far away from the activity below – it’s the perfect spot for a little me-time.

As the evening sun begins to dip everyone is back aboard and sun-kissed, this is a good sign that they have had the best day – and it’s not over yet. Soon all the guests are dressed to go to dinner ashore. The yacht moors off a renown cliff-side restaurant where the best table waits with spectacular views along this famous coastline. Glasses are raised: a toast to time with family and friends aboard LAMMOUCHE.

Ключевые особенности

  • 37ft chase boat with skipper
  • Versatile accommodations with convertible twin beds
  • Beach club with gym equipment
  • Impressive sun deck including jacuzzi
  • Zero speed and underway stabilisers

Спецификация и стоимость

Летний чартер Адриатика
Зимний чартер По запросу
Команда 10
Ширина 9м (29,5фт)
Осадка 2,6м (8,5фт)
Валовой тоннаж 498
Максимальная скорость 17 узлов
Круизная скорость 14 узлов
Расход топлива на круизной скорости -
Типы кают 5 (3 × double, 2 × twin)
Двигатели 2 × 2 040hp Caterpillar
Тендеры и водное оборудование
1 x тендер команды
1 x тендер
2 x парусника
1 x джакузи
2 x сибоба
1 x каяк
4 x падлборда
Водные лыжи
Надувные игрушки
Рыболовные снасти
Снорклинг оборудование
Обратите внимание, что тендеры и водные игрушки регулярно обновляются. Свяжитесь с брокером Burgess для получения последней информации о водном оборудовании на борту.



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