• Crew

    Good, experienced, qualified and well-motivated crew are the key to the success of any yacht, they also represent a significant portion of the annual running costs. At Burgess we understand the importance of placing and retaining good crew onboard.

    With the introduction of the new ILO Marine Labour Convention affecting commercial yachts and various national administrations now taking a keen interest in Yacht Crew taxes and social charges Burgess have introduced Burgess Crew Services (Guernsey) PCC Ltd in order to provide a robust and legal mechanism for crew employment.

    Working with Burgess Crew Services (Guernsey) PCC Ltd the Burgess management department provides comprehensive crew support and supervision in the day to day operation of the yacht.

  • Crew Employment 1/2

    Our wholly owned subsidiary - Burgess Crew Services (Guernsey) PCC Ltd - has been set up to employ and pay crew offshore.

    Recently HMRC and other social security governing bodies have been taking a more proactive interest in the social security contributions of crewmembers. In order to assist Owners and yacht owning companies to ensure that they are complying with the relevant statutory regulations, Burgess has established a subsidiary Company; Burgess Crew Services (Guernsey) PCC Ltd negating any potential social security liabilities for the employer. Failure to put in place appropriate crew payroll arrangements can expose the Owner or yacht owning company to significant extra costs and possible legal actions to recover unpaid contributions. Such actions may be backdated several years. Burgess Crew Services (Guernsey) PCC Ltd provides a legitimate, robust and cost-effective structure through which yacht crew may be employed.

  • Crew Employment 2/2

    With the ratification of the International Labour Organisation's (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) Burgess has set up Burgess Crew Services in order to ensure that all the requirements under these new laws are complied with. The MLC was ratified in August 2012 and has been enforced since August 2014. One of the key requirements of the MLC is that all crew be given the opportunity to have social security payments deducted from their salary at source.

    Finally, many of the owner and yacht owning companies of the yachts managed by Burgess wish to distance themselves from the employment of crewmembers. Burgess Crew Services provide this distance as they would be the Employer of the crew.

  • Burgess Crew Services key activities

    • Crew recruitment
    • Payroll
    • Crew Training
    • Annual Assessments
    • Crew Leave and Crew Travel
    • Disciplinary and Grievances
    • Crew Medical Insurance
    • Safe Manning
    • Crew Mail

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